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Paper #1 Information and Requirements
Basic Requirements: 1. 1-2 pages (Keep in mind that a stronger paper is one that will be closer to 2 pages). This page limit does NOT include your cover page or reference page. (One page = a full page of text that goes all the way to the bottom! Less than one FULL page will be penalized). 2. Follow the directions and answer the prompt requirement 3. Use APA format a. 1 inch margins b. Include appropriate Running head and page numbers c. Correctly formatted cover page (with your name, date, and university) d. A reference page with the reference of the article that you used e. Appropriate use of the citation within the text (in-text citation)…. For example, (Appleby, 2014).
What to do: 1. First, select one of the articles that has been provided for you. It is recommended that you read through the abstract (summary) of a few of the articles and select one that you think would be more interesting for you personally. 2. Articles are provided on BlackBoard. To access this, find the PAPERS link on the homepage, select the file for PAPER #1, and they will be in a folder labeled ARTICLE OPTIONS. 3. Read the article and take notes about what you are reading.

The Prompt:
After reading your article, write a 1-2 page critical analysis discussing the topic of the article. Your critical analysis should include the following: 1. A well-described description or summary of the article and how it relates to one of the topics that we have/will discuss (What was topic of the article? What was the author(s) proposing in the article? If it was an article about memory, apply concepts or knowledge from the chapter on memory to the research article.) 2. Provide a description of the research study that is discussed in the article. If the article does not have a specific...

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