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The Workforce Sexism

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In “Women in the Workforce,” women undoubtedly face a steeper path to the top than men do, making up less than a quarter of the population of executive positions, while the end result is the same. Men are favored over women when seeking promotions and when negotiating pay.
Decades after World War II, women in the workplace have dramatically increased. Before women have only held “traditional female jobs” like teachers, administrative assistants, nurses, childcare providers. Today more women have corporate positions that were previously dominated by males like medicine, law, engineering, finance, factory work, and so forth. This topic relates to other issues because it will shed light on (1) prejudice, (2) sexism, and the (3) glass ceiling....

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...Sexism in Workplace and its Effects on Workers Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Sexism in Workplace and its Effects on Workers Sexism refers to a kind of gender discrimination that is based on an individual’s sex. Sexism still has roots in the society and has also been reflected in the corporate sector. Though it is argued the sexism affects both women and men, the prejudice has primarily been shouldered by women. The psychology links this prejudice to gender role and other stereotypes that are constructed in our society. People have a mental perspective that one gender is superior to the other. However, this is not the case. Besides, the remarkable changes and breakthrough that have been achieved in the 21st century, sexism still dominates the workplace and have adverse effects on the workers. Some of these effects include; rape, sexual harassment, and other sexual violence activities. The idea of sexism is developed in thoughts and thus, one cannot separate sexism and psychology. The question is what sexism is as depicted in the working environment and what effects does it have on employees. The current paper looks deep into the issue of sexism in workplace and the influence that it has on employees by using empirical evidence from several researchers. According to psychology, sexism is a hostile or a negative attitude, feeling or opinion developed towards an individual or a group of people (Boysen, 2013). The......

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