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The World Has Changed

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The article “The World Has changed,” by Stacie Berdan describes how learning a second language is important. She says that not only it is essential in this competitive global market, but can aid in cognitive development, cultural enrichment and helps build and connect relationships around the world. She also states that learning more language in earlier years is actually better. In my opinion, I think I totally agree with her, there are lots of reasons to learn a second language : opening up communication to millions of people around the world, gaining new perspectives from these connections, and it also boosts brain development.

Firstly, learning new language can offer experience in culture, history to people that otherwise would have been incomprehensible. Learning a new language will give us access to a new world of people, it will bring people closer if they know that you understand and speak their language and they will not be intimidated by you. A lot of communication gets lost in translation when you use a translator,and might not be taken as seriously as when talking directly to them. For instance, my maid cannot understand english at all and she has to communicate through her friend who knows english, I feel over the years she has lost lot of business because of language problem, and even after knowing her for so many years, I haven’t been able to build a relationship with her. This example proves that if she made an effort to learn english, she would do much better in life.

Additionally, in this global market as more and more companies are dealing with offshore companies, it has become more important that everyone learns more languages. It also looks good on your resume and most likely will give you an edge over the person who can speak only one language. My friend holly, works in a Patent and Law offices, she is…...

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