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The World Is Bigger Than What You See

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In “Our time”, John Edgar Wideman has responsibility of telling the story of the boy who went into prison. The boy is Wideman`s younger brother, Robby, who is a black sheep of the family. Wideman uses three voices tell his brother`s sad story to explain what caused Robby “went bad”. The three voices are his brother Robby, his mother and himself.
Wideman has many purposes for telling the story of Robby. First of all he is trying to understand him. He tries to learn his terms. In other words tries to comprehend why his brother is very different. While he does, this he can also reflect and learn a lot about himself. Wideman has many struggles in accomplishing all of this. He is trying to tell the story of his brother from a neutral perspective. He believes if he only tells it from his point of view, he could not tell a true Robby’s story. It is very hard for him to hear his brother story without listening to himself. This struggle can be seen in this essay, “The hardest habit to break, since it was the habit of a lifetime, would be listening to Xu 2 myself listen to him. That habit would destroy any chance of seeing my brother on his terms; and seeing him in his terms, learning his terms, seemed the whole point of learning his story” (672) Because of this Wideman has to use different views to show the true story of his brother Robby includes the voices and stories of others` opinions.
The story begins with the death of Robby's friend Garth. Roby went mad because Garth passed away. "Something had crawled inside Garth's belly. The man said it wasn't nothing. Sold him some aspirins and said he'd be all right in no time. The man killed Garth"(656). He thought doctors and nurse mistreated and did not try their best to save...

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