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The World Is Consistently Changing

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Psychology is “both an applied and academic field that studies the human mind and behavior”. The research in the field of Psychology seeks to understand and explain how we think, act and feel. The applications that are use in the field of psychology consist of mental health treatment, performance enhancement, self-help, and many other areas that affect our health and daily life. The article discusses many attributes and issues that can be applied and studied in the field of Psychology.
For example it addresses issues that society will have to endure and face many challenging changes according to power, expansion and new members and leaders in charge. Three topics of concern that affect the society and our environment will be thinking/language, health psychology with mind, body, behavior and stress, motivation/emotions with cognitive dissonance.
Thinking & language: society will have to come up with new innovative problem solving techniques to reduce the discomfort of the new ideas and changes that will occur with China becoming the world’s largest economy and the global challenges we may face. World leaders will have to collaborate and come up with solutions for sake goodness for all men. Creative thinking that will be implemented with the rapid growth of cities, populations, and demand for resources. Decision making and language development/thought of diffision of power in the West and how Asia will surpass the West in gross domestic production and technology.
Health of our mind, body, stress and behavior when dealing with changes in our environment with technology, climate change, and demand for food water and energy. The advantages and disadvantages Americans will face in 2030 and how will we deal with the changes that we may not be used to.
Motivation/emotions as cognitive dissonance will play a role our value judgments, decisions and evaluations. As...

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