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The World, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things

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Within the book The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, I felt as I was sitting with Virginia listening to her tell me this story in which I became enraged with anger, sadness, and also proud of her. A teenager with self-confidence issues is not out of the ordinary, but parents that contribute to it is absurd and depressing. The perfect family in which Virginia feels like she is not a part of, huge body issues, feeling alone at school and then her world is flipped upside down by her brother’s date rape really got to me in many ways.
The view that Virginia portrays of her family is less than perfect which is the complete opposite of what the family believes they are. I was absolutely annoyed with the family life her Mom pretends they have. Byron puts himself above her, and chooses to treat her as he does not care for her. With her Mom being a psychologist, I cannot understand why she always seems to put her other kids in a separate category than Virginia is in. From this, I actually have caught myself making sure that I treat all of my kids fairly. In my own life, I was the youngest and never really had any issues with my parents favoring my brothers over me but I have questioned myself with my own kids. I have always done my best at trying to make everything equal for them.
Having kids of my own, I have seen an array of issues with all of them. I am completely supportive of their choices in clothing and whatever their size. Virginia’s parents and siblings have all contributed to her issues with her body image. From the beginning when she is fooling around with Froggy when she is tugging and pulling down her shirt as it rises and stating “That serves the double purpose of not exposing any flabby body parts,” (Mackler 5)is showing without a doubt that she has some serious issues with herself. When I first began reading this book, and realized...

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