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The modern world faces many major problems to wihich there are no easy solutions. These include unemployment, helath, over-population and of course the environment. All have a bearing on all our lives, but is the environment really the most important?

If people are unemployed, they are unable to earn money ant it is a fact of life that without an income it is difficult to live. Of course, work provides more than financial support; it gives people self-esteem and pride.

Unfortunately, technological developments and other factors mean that the job market is shirinking world-wide and young people have reduced prospects for work. Although this is certainly a major threat to peopleĀ“s well-being, it needs to be addressed by individual governments rather than globaly.

Health is clearly an important concern that affects both individuals and the planet as a whole. Even though many illnesses have been eradicated, others remain a thereat and the overuse of antibiotics has led to the development of resistant strains of bacteria.

Nevertheless, on the whole, general health is improving, and in the developing coutries medical aid programmes are already working towards creating a healthier population.

Over-population has implications for all of us, and improved general helath means that people are living longer. However, as with health, there are already programmes in place implementing measures to deal with not only a rising population, but an ageing population.

So what about environment? There are urgent issues that need to be faced, including global warming, pollution and the loss of species.

In clonclusion, other problems primarily affect only the quality of life, whereas environmental issues affect the actual existence of life itself. It is clear, therefore, that protecting the environment is the most important problem facing the world today....…...