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The de-Vinyl Record Store

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The De-Vinyl Record Store

The De-Vinyl Record Store

Robin McLean
BIS 220
November 8, 2012
Instructor Dr. Hany Saleeb

The De-Vinyl Record Store will offer solutions in finding the music that customers have enjoyed for years. The store will have worldwide providers that focus on hard to find musical hits. Information systems will provide a way to transfer the critical information to place orders with providers and in the right format to satisfy each customer. This system can be used to develop many diverse areas, plan, and manage the daily operations to nurture the future growth of the company. Information systems are both computer-based and non-computer based, but different types are needed to be successful. For this type of business, it would be essential to include a functional area IS system, a transaction processing system, an office automation system, a management information system, a supply chain information system, and an electronic commerce system for full capacity use.
For a smooth operation, this information structure will assist in creating activity reports, track credit card sales, handle payroll processing, and sustain the store’s budget to remain consistent and to stay ahead of the competitors. A company website will be developed for customers to discover new music from almost every genre and to ask for advice from the staff to locate those hard to find musical treasures. Many more features will be available as the company progresses.
In explaining the benefits and drawbacks of these systems, in the work environment the benefits entail storing and protecting information, automated processes, ability to work remotely and communication. We learned that information systems benefit places of employments by helping organizations to work a lot faster and more effectively. Since the growth of computers and internet there is faster...

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