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Thelma and Louise

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Gender Stereotyping Thelma and Louise, a contemporary “road film” directed by Ridley Scott, can be viewed as a literary structure use to highlight the struggle of female characters by signifying different ways a relationship of uniformity amongst two distinctive women could influence the one to endeavor some personality traits of the other. Furthermore, Thelma and Louise display much emphasis upon the relationship female characters establishes in admired films while fluctuating the overall meaning of gender individuality. By portraying women as housewives and waitresses, this controversial film, reinforce gender stereotyping to emphasize the struggles women had in the nineties to escape the restrains enforced in their normal lives in order to find freedom. This film reinforces gender stereotyping by characterizing Thelma and Louise as two women who are viewed, by men, as being defenseless and submissive; however, Thelma and Louise later became resilient and unyielding. In an article written by Gilpatric stated that “female characters were more likely to be romantic, domestic, sensitive, and manipulative, and male characters were more likely to be competitive, athletic, aggressive, and risk-taking.”(p. 324). However, this film contradicts this statement having that it shows Thelma and Louise in masculine roles while portraying male characteristics in scenes such as Thelma robbing the convenience store: Thelma: Good morning everybody, this is a robbery. Now if nobody loses their head, nobody will lose their head. Simon says everybody lay down on the floor, right away, right away, except you sir. You'll have a story to tell your friends, that or a tag on your toe, it's your decision. Now you take this bag and empty the cash register into it.
Store clerk: Yes ma'am. Thelma: Let's see who wins a prize for keeping their cool. Now you sir, lay back down, thank...

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...Thelma & Louise Thelma & Louise er en Amerikansk film regiserert av Ridley Scott. Filmen handler om 2 unge damer på Road Trip, de er på vei bort fra sine begrensede og ufrie liv. Geena Davis og Susan Sarandon har de 2 kvinnelige hovedrollene. Thelma & Louise var også Brad Pitt sin første store rolle i en Hollywood film, han spiller en raner på prøveløslatelse fra fengselet. Da de 2 damene har kommet et stykke på vei, bestemmer de seg for å stoppe å ta en drink. Her møter Thelma en mann som heter Harlan. Han sjenker henne for så å ta henne med ut på en parkeringsplass å prøve å voldta henne. Louise kommer ut og ser hva Harlan prøver på, hun skyter han. Ikke bare må Thelma & Louise flykte fra sine vanlige liv, men også politiet. Dramaturgi: Filmen følger Hollywood modellen: Anslag, Konfliktopptrapping, Point of no return, klimaks, Konfliktløsning. Filmen begynner med at Thelma og Louise drar på road trip, Thelma vil ikke si fra til mannen sin, fordi hun vet hun ikke hadde fått lov uansett. Ganske tidlig i filmen opplever vi point of no return, da Louise skyter mannen som prøver å voldta Thelma. Point of no return inngår da i konfliktopptrappingen, noe som ikke er helt vanlig for alle Hollywood filmer. Klimakset i filmen er på slutten da Thelma og Louise har en hær av politibiler bak seg. Thelma og Louise løser konflikten ved å hoppe utfor Grand Canyon. Personkarakteristikk: Thelma: Hun er den dumme av de 2 jentene. Hun er ikke veldig selvsikker, og mentalt sterk er......

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