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Thematic Backpack (Ece214)

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Thematic backpack plan jennifer cummings ece214: nutrition and health of children & families instructor: dr. lisset pickens
February 8, 2016

Introduction letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is _________ and I am your child’s kindergarten teacher. This year, the school has started a new tradition called the “Thematic Backpack Plan”. The “Thematic Backpack Plan” is a backpack that will be sent home in with each student on a weekly rotation. This backpack will not only help the students, but the parents as well. It helps focus on nutrition, safety and how to eat healthy. It will help parents encourage children to be physically active and eat healthy to decrease bad eating habits as children along with decreasing childhood obesity. The backpack will be sent home every Monday and should be returned by the following Monday in order for another child to have it and share at home. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me before school, after school, or during my break time (during your child’s lunch period and recess; 11:30-12:30).

Thanks again,


In this activity, the students will be presented with thirty different food cards. Ten cards will be unhealthy food choices such as chips, candy, and cookies; another ten cards will be healthy food choices such as fruits and vegetables. Five cards will be unhealthy drinks such as soda and high sugar content juice; and the last five cards will be healthy drinks such as water and milk. The students will have to sort the healthy food and drinks form the unhealthy.

wellness 

For this activity, the students will assist their parents with grocery shopping for healthy food items. They will, with an adult, pick out seven healthy foods and drink items. While doing this scavenger hunt it will educate them on healthy good choices. If the…...

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