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Thematic Decipline in Philosophy

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Table of content pages
Introduction 1
1. Philosophy of history 1
2. Philosophy of religion 4
3. Logic 6
4. Ethics 8
5. Cosmology 10
6. Philosophy of mind 12
7. Metaphysics 14
8. Philosophy of beauty 16
9. Philosophy of language 18
10. Philosophy of science 20
11. Epistemology 21
Conclusion 23
Bibliography 24

Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom. Philosophy at this contemporary world has gone through a lot of changes before getting to this stage. It can be seen in the historical perspective and also the topical perspective. The historical or chronological is when we look at the ideas of some philosophers in the past how they influence society with their way of thinking and the motive behind them. In these chronological system is the ancient era, the medieval era, the modern era and presently the contemporary era. In the beginning all systematic search for knowledge was philosophy. This is clearly seen in the modern university where the highest degree granted in all of the science and humanities is the Ph. D. the doctor of philosophy. But the children began to leave home. The first to leave was physics and astronomy. As they begun to develop experimental techniques of their own. This exodus, led by Galileo and Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler created the first of many great family crises. Eventually psychology left home. The divisions that came through the exodus are what are structured as the thematic within the study of philosophy.
In this work, I intend to escalate on some of these divisions in the study of philosophy.
Philosophy of History
In this discipline of philosophy it uses the philosophical...

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