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Themes In Laurel Lindt's The Skiboarder

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What’s the theme my story creates, you may ask yourself. There are an unlimited amount of themes, it just depends on your perspective of the story. This novel portrays this theme very well from the setting to the character’s thoughts. The novel takes place in a very quiet town, with ,the main character, Taylor. Taylor’s home isn’t really a “home” at all; it is full of depressing things and many deplorable problems. Throughout the story, Taylor deals with many issues but stays strong through the chaos. One important lesson readers can learn from Laurel Lindt’s The SkiBoarder is whatever happens, you can’t give up.
One example of this was when Taylor fights with her mom and won’t accept that she has Schizophrenia. This scene shows how Taylor
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This scene illustrates how Taylor is angry about the baby and doesn’t want anything to do with Nate. (“‘I’m pregnant’… My voice escaping my throat sharply didn’t belong to me; it was that of an animal… I wanted to scream the ugly truth in his face but I couldn’t raise my voice above a shuddering whisper…”) The author uses sensory detail in this scene to show how furious Taylor really is and how mixed her emotions are. They fight over the baby, Taylor saying it’s her baby and Nate saying it’s both of theirs. This contributes to the theme by showing how discouraged and furious Taylor is and how she doesn’t let it completely get her down.
The final example is when Taylor starts to lose her grip on reality. This scene explains how Taylor is practically walking into insanity. “ ‘Are you lost?’ In my mind, yes, I was nearly gone. The thought of passing into insanity crept up in my head with clawing, pale arms, the lifeless face turned up in agony. The flashbacks would kill me if the house didn’t. I was lost” (Lindt 149)The author crafts interesting word choice into this scene and gives the reader a creepy image of what Taylor is going through and sends chills down your

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