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Theology Grudem Chapter 11 Review Question Answers

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Sam Kang
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November 20, 2012
Chapter 11 Questions
Section 2 1. God created us so that we may glorify Him and His ways. That’s why we are here and that’s what we should strive to do! 2. We represent God because we are created in His image. Of course we will never become Him or be exactly like Him, but we resemble some of his greatness. Such aspects include intellectual ability, power to make moral and willing decisions, spiritual nature, dominion over earth, and creativity. 3. Mankind can still be described as God’s image even though we have fallen to sin. However, we have lost the moral great moral purity of His. Therefore, God sent Jesus to redeem us. 5. The words “spirit” and “soul” seem to be used interchangeably. Some people argue this claim because they think that activities such as feeling, thinking, and deciding things are done by the soul and the soul only. However, Scripture doesn’t make any distinctions of this sort between the two terms.

Section 3 1. Right now, I’m living a very selfish life. My future, my college, my that, my this, and so on. I need to sacrifice my personal desires and think about how I can possible glorify God’s name. 2. I feel very special that God created me in His image. He’s like an idol, or a role model I look up to, and usually with young children, they would do anything to be similar to their role models. It’s like that with me. I want to get more of his wisdom so that I don’t make such foolish mistakes in life! 3. It is horrible to discriminate against others in my opinion, especially because we are all crated in His image and equal under His name. If I can really practice this, I will be a good example of how Christians should act and my relationships with other people would grow and...

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