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Theoretical Bases for Analyzing the Ethics of a Decision

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The Big Idea(s). What is the main idea the author is expressing? In a sentence or two, summarize it in your own words, as if you were telling an intelligent friend. (Do this for as many big ideas you think there are in the piece).

• The author in this article talks about the three goals, which are utilitarianism, profit maximization, and universalism.
• Utilitarianism perspective measures the outcome who benefits and who gets harmed in a certain situation.
• An example, of utilitarianism perspective would be to downsize a company for the future health of it.
• “Profit maximization is actually a subset of utilitarianism, because Friedman and other neoclassical economists argue that if all firms strive to maximize profits,” says the author.
• Universalism can be defined as a saying treat people the way you wanted to be treated. It is also defined as a golden rule.

Link It. How does this make you think of something you’ve read in the past, learned, heard, or experienced? Explain the link.

• This article remind me of the game we played in class today and how we had to pick a side whether we would steal medicine for our beloved ones. I was surprised that a couple of people in the class knowing they had a chance to help would actually not help because they are scared that they will get caught.

Your Take. Do you generally agree with the author’s position? Do you think he/she has got it right? Or do you feel like something is amiss? Give your take and say why.

• This article talks about very important perspectives; what they mean, how the work, and how do they interact with each other. In addition, the article talks about what role ethics play in each perspective. I definitely agree with the example the author talked about how if you witnessed someone robbing a bank and they asked you to lie for them. Based on the universalism theory...

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