Theorretical Relevance

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Rachelle Jobe
Dr. Spritz
April 5th, 2012

1. Theoretical Relevance
a. The entry I chose to report on was in the Psychology subfield of the social sciences, more specifically child development as it pertains to psychological studies.
b. The hypothesis of the author as stated in the entry was to determine if the increased study of sight words improve 3rd grade students’ transfer of correct spelling in their independent writing.

2. Research Methods
a. What are the main variables in this study? In other words, the researchers are examining whether differences in the use and study of sight words (independent variable) are related to students’ writing (dependent variable).
b. There did not appear to be any concern of confounding variables in this study.
c. The researcher tested a group of 3rd graders for their spelling knowledge in their independent writing and from the students that scored the lowest, she selected 6 students. Over 12 weeks, the researcher worked with the students using a variety of study methods to help teach the students sight words. The first 2 weeks the students learned the words by flashcards. The next 2 weeks the students learned the words by games, the following 2 weeks the students learned the words by building them with magnetic tiles, the next 2 weeks the students wrote the words in rainbow colors. The following week the students built the words out of shaving cream and the final week the students wrote the words on the white board as the researcher read them aloud. At the end of the 12 week period, the students were given a sight-word inventory to collect the post-data. The results were then analyzed and concluded.

3. Results/Conclusions
a. The results of the study showed that the students did benefit from different methods and repetitive exposure to sight words and…...