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Theory of Architecture 2: Manuals
Architectural Design Process and Methodologies
The question of the actual design process and methodology of design is more confusing when dealing with architectural design because architectural design more often involves in a team work.
Before, most architects are considered more of an artist; they can design but was not able to explain or defends the need to add a significant amount of funds for the particular design. In today’s architectural trends, there are set of rules and guidelines to be followed that could affect or help in making a design.
The process should involve the following step. [TSSF Inc.] 1. Assemble the team – As stated above the architectural design involves a team of people. At the outset of the project there should be a scheduling or at least a tentative assembly of efficient architects and consultant who identify the project’s scope and purpose. There should be a project’s team leader who holds the overall responsibility and identifying the right person/s in their fields.

2. Clear Communication – As again stated before, the design part involves a team. The communication should be always available for any enquiry of the different involves, especially for the owner or their representative/s. The Project Architect coordinates regular meetings to design staff, specialists and the Owner’s representative.

3. Budget and Cost Control - Cost control is critical to the success of any project. This is true not only for initial construction, but also when considering the cost of operation. The project’s budget is developed during the schematic design phase. It’s monitored and updated during the design development phase, and finally confirmed during the preparation of construction documents. The Architect performs construction cost estimating, which involves confirming current unit costs for...

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