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Following the syllabus instructions, prepare a response to the feedback you received on the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay by completing the matrix below. Use Microsoft® Word® formatting features to add rows to the template, as needed. Complete the template, save the document, and post your assignment according to the syllabus instructions.

Learner’s Name:

|Faculty Feedback |Faculty feedback in my own words |My detailed and specific action plan to integrate faculty feedback in my revised essay |
|(Include comment numbers, as appropriate) | |(Include APA manual page numbers, as appropriate) |
| | Title page should have five requirements |According to APA 6th edition page no: 23 the title page should have a title and it should be self |
|Comments: Title page has five requirement: |which includes the |explanatory when standing alone. |
|Title of Assignment |Title of the assignment |The recommended letter length for a title is no more than 12 words. Title page includes authors |
|Student’s name |Student’s full name |name and the institutional affiliation of the author when the research was conducted. Date of |
|University affiliation |University affiliation |assignment and the instructor’s full name is included. All lines are double spaced through out the|
|Date |The date of assignment and the full name |document. Use black, 12 point Times New Roman font. |
|Professor’s full name |of the faculty | |
| | | |
|Comment: Change to : required |Change the word “need” to” required” in |Changing the word from” need” to” required” make the sentence |
| |the first paragraph |Clear. In centre of excellence the writing style and guidelines help to come with accurate words.|
|Comment: Outdated source! Try to stay with in the |Always refer and cite most recent articles | In my essay and future writings , I will concentrate on recent publications and studies as there|
|past five years |and journals for doctoral learning and |can be outdated information with |
| |writing. Articles past five years are not |Old publications. |
| |recommended | |
|Comment: Insert a comma after |Insert a comma after the word understand | In APA 6th edition, page no: 88, in chapter writing style clearly explains to use a comma between |
|understand | |elements in a series of three or more items. I will be careful in my future writing to insert |
| | |commas appropriately |
|Comment: Remove : to |The instructor is revising my sentence that| In my future writing , centre of excellence tutorials and guides, grammar and writing guides |
| |was totally in correct, remove the word |will help me to frame my sentence |
| |“to” from the sentence makes the word | |
| |meaningful | |
| | |Rephrasing the word brings meaning to the sentence. Centre of excellence and proof reading with an |
|Comment: Change to : implementations and | |English teacher will help me to avoid these mistakes in future writing |
|evaluations |Rephrasing the word from implements to | |
| |implementation, change from evaluates to | |
| |evaluations | |
|Comment: For nurses and Nursing profession |Change the sentence to- Information |In APA 6th edition, page number 77, clearly explains the use of verb and noun (proper grammar |
| |literacy is a challenge for nurses and the |usage). Referring to APA 6th edition and centre of writing excellence will help in my future |
| |Nursing profession. |writing |
|Comment: What do you mean by talent? | The instructor is clarifying the word |In the sentence, Information literacy is a talent of modern educational society, the word talent I |
| |meaning of talent in this sentence |meant is “learned skill”. I need to remove the word talent from the sentence and rephrase with |
| | |another word |

|Comment: geared for new scholars |In this particular sentence, the instructor is asking the |It is better to change the word, for example instead of gear, |
| |meaning of the word “gear” |the word” tool” is more appropriate and easy to understand. The |
| | |centre of writing excellence and write point can help with my |
| | |wordings. Proof reading with an expert before submission can |
| | |avoid major mistakes. |
|Comment: Inappropriate to end a sentence with the same wording |The last word of sentence and the beginning word of a sentence |Proof reading helps me in my future writing. Now I understood |
|starting the next sentence |should not be the same. |how to end and begin a sentence. The flow of reading is |
| | |interrupted by these types of sentences. CWE, writing style and |
| | |guidelines help with this type of mistakes. |
|Comment: Remove the second “help” and replace with assists |Instructor corrects the sentence by changing the same word in a |Using same words in a sentence is not acceptable. Always replace|
| |sentence. |with another word which has the same meaning. Proof reading |
| |Information literacy helps nursing education which assists in |before submission and reading several times by the writer itself|
| |building….. |correct lot of simple mistakes |
|Comment: Change to: emphasizes |Changing the word from emphasize to emphasizes – usage of |My action plan is to use pleural forms when there is more than |
| |pleural form |one factor. In my future writing I will use proper grammar |
| |Emphasize the quality |usage. CWE, grammar and writing guides help with these |
| |Emphasizes the quality, relevancy…… |mistakes. |
|Comment: Insert an |Insert “an” before a vowel sound |The word “the 21st century is an information century society” is|
| | |the correct usage. Referring to CWE and proof reading helps to |
| | |correct these mistakes. |

|Comment: This appears to be a direct quote. You will need to use|Word by word directly quoted from another author’s work should |In APA 6th edition, page 170 clearly explains how to write |
|double quotation marks designating the exact quote. |be in double quotation, The instructor is indirectly giving a |direct quotations. When using word by word directly from another|
| |message of plagiarism in this sentence. |source needs to be in double quotation marks with the authors |
| | |name, and page no: or paragraph number. Other wise it is |
| | |considered plagiarism. I will be extremely cautious in future |
| | |writing. |
|Comment: Change to : the |Instructs to use “the” instead of “their” |The word “their” tempt to ask – who? |
|Comment: insert : the |The word” their “in this particular sentence doesn’t make any | |
|Comment: Insert: The |meaning. | |
|Comment: Insert : the | | |
| |Instructor commented to use “the” in the sentence to make it |Careful reading before submission can |
| |complete. |Prevent mistakes |
| |“In the professional nursing practice.”” | |
| | | |
| |Add “the” to nursing profession brings |My action plan is to be very careful in writing, referring CWE, |
| |Specificity to the term nursing profession. |proof reading with experts. |
|Comment : Insert and |Placing and between to words “media rich sources” and” |Follow proper grammar usage when there is more than one noun or |
| |information literacy” |verb |
| | |Proof reading is very helpful. |
|Comment: Insert : in the nursing profession |As the title is focused in nursing profession, always specify |The writer will focus on the topic. |
| |the profession in writing. | |
|Comment: Change to : raises the nursing profession |Use the pleural form “raise “ to “ raises” | Use singular and plural forms appropriately. Use of write |
|Change to : sources |Change from “source “ to “sources” as information is in plural |point and proof reading is helpful |
|Comment: Change to : scholars |form | |
|Comment: Change to : Ethical decision skills are a part of the |Change from” scholar” to” scholars” |Use of plural form as “information” is considered more than one.|
|information literacy practice |Change from “skill “ to “skills” | |
| |“is” to “are” | |
|Comment: What do you mean….”information literate”? It appears |The sentence “ Information literate and their applications …… |I am missing a word. Changing to “Information literate |
|that you are missing a word after literate. |is incomplete as the word “their” questions “who” |individual” make this sentence complete. |
|Comment: You have ending quotation marks but no beginning | Ending quotation mark is in the sentence. There is no beginning|Absolutely it is a mistake. There is no need of any quotation |
|marks designating the start of the quote |quotation mark. Where it starts?. Where it ends? |mark in this sentence. I will read my essay multiple times to |
| | |avoid these mistakes |
|Comment: Change to: a balanced theory practice chain. |Change the form of sentence from “balancing” to “a balanced”. |I will make corrections to my wordings. CWE/write point and |
| | |proof reading will help me to structure my sentences |
|Comment: This is confusing...what do you mean by administrative |The word “administrative field” is not clear. It does not make | |
|field. |any meaning to the sentence |This word is totally inappropriate for this sentence. I need to |
| | |rephrase or change the word to fit, to make the sentence more |
| | |meaningful. I get assistance from CWE or from a person who has |
| | |good vocabulary

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