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Therac 25

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John W. Satzinger
Missouri State University

Robert B. Jackson
RBJ and Associates

Stephen D. Burd
University of New Mexico

Australia • Brazil • Japan • Korea • Mexico • Singapore • Spain • United Kingdom • United States

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Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World, Fifth Edition John W. Satzinger, Robert B. Jackson, Stephen D. Burd Editor-in-Chief: Alex von Rosenberg Acquisitions Editor: Charles McCormick Product Manager: Kate Hennessy Development Editor: Dan Seiter Editorial Assistant: Bryn Lathrop Marketing Director: Brian Joyner Marketing Manager: Bryant Chrzan Content Project Manager: Matt Hutchinson, GEX Publishing Services Art Director: Marissa Falco Manufacturing Coordinator: Justin Palmeiro Cover Photo: © Radius Images/RF/PhotoLibrary

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Therac 25

...Part 1: Defend the AECL In the late 1900s, cancer treatment was reaching a whole new level with the Therac versions of radiation machines. These machines were able to target fast growing cancer cells and destroy them with x-rays and electromagnetic rays. Each new version of the machine contained major improvements for cancer treatments. However, with the release of the Therac-25 version came issues of over-exposure to radiation and deaths for already suffering cancer patients. There has since been a big debate about who is liable in the situation – The AECL, the hospitals, the operators, or the FDA. There are many reasons that the AECL, the creators of the Therac-25 machine, should not be liable for the injuries and deaths caused by the machines. First of all, consider the purpose of a person who works for a company or corporation. That is, to create and sell products that help the company make as much money as possible. The success or failure of that company depends on whether or not the products sell. Therefore, if a company produces a bad, unethical, or unsafe product, it is the job of the consumers to do their research and not purchase the product. It’s simple: if consumers don’t buy bad products, the company won’t be successful and continue selling them. The AECL did their job, which was to create a product that customers wanted to buy. The second reason the AECL should not be liable is because they met all of the requirements of the third party company whose job......

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...Running Head: THERAC-25 CASE STUDY Therac-25 Case Study Therac-25 Case Study Therac-25 is a radiation therapy machine that was used for treating patients with cancer. The machine and its predecessors, Therac-6 and Therac-20, was a product from the collaboration of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) and a French company called CGR (Leveson, n.d., p. 2). It is this machine that will cause other developers and manufacturers to rethink how to develop machines that will impact people’s lives. The Therac-25 was involved in six massive overdoses that cost three people’s lives, while the machine gave the operator error messages or a message that states that no dose was given (Baase, 2008, p. 425). After the first accident, some users became skeptical of the safety of the device. Yet, the manufacturer turned a blind eye on the matter. They responded to the incident that they have fixed the problem. In the following months, five more accidents occurred. In each incident, the manufacturer, the computer programmer, and the clinic/hospital using the Therac-25 have some responsibilities and flaws that need to be addressed. The Problems Manufacturer What would be the first thing that a manufacturer needs to do when they have an incident with one of their products? It should be the recall of that product, in this case the Therac-25. The Therac-25 can help a person ailing with cancer with its beam but the beam itself would be too harmful to the patient. Any medical......

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... Social Issues and Ethics in Computer Science and Engineering Introduction Therac –25 is a medical linear accelerator that was developed by AELC .A linear accelerator (linac) is a particle accelerator, a gadget that increases the energy of electrically charged atomic particles. Linacs are use mainly in hospitals to treat cancer patients .During treatment a patient is exposed to beam of radiation in doses designed to kill a malignancy.(Grolier, 1985) The Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice is a practical frame- work for moral decision-making related to problems that software engineers may encounter. (Quinn, 2013) Between June 1995 and January 1987, six patients were seriously injured and some killed by poor administration of radiation from the Therac-25 medical linear accelerator. This paper therefore seeks to explore the causes behind the accidents, the software bugs that were associated with the machine. In addition the paper will also cover some of list the clauses that are violated in the code of ethics of software engineering and explain how they relate to the action or inaction that led to the overexposure incident Technical errors in Therac-25 software One of the major weaknesses that is associated with Therac-25 software was in the lack of formal testing procedures. As results certain errors remained in the software as the product got distributed to the consumers. One of......

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...del proyecto. En lugar de confinar las actividades, acciones y tareas de la ingeniería de software a una secuencia de eventos, define una red del proceso. Cada actividad, acción o tarea de la red existe simultáneamente con otras actividades, acciones o tareas. Los eventos generados en cierto punto de la red del proceso desencadenan transiciones entre los estados (Pressman, 2010). Problemas al no usar modelos (Ejemplos) Therac-25: un diseño de interacción mortal Normalmente hablamos de diseño de interacción relativo a interfaces de servicios web o de herramientas de productividad, donde los errores se traducen en pérdida de tiempo, impaciencia del usuario y, a veces, derroche de dinero. Pero el diseño de interacción es crítico cuando un error de concepto puede matar a una persona. Es el caso de las aplicaciones y maquinarias médicas. En 1982 salió al mercado médico una máquina llamada Therac-25 que proporcionaba tratamiento tanto de radiación como de rayos X, según fuese necesario. Costaba cerca de un millón de dólares. La mayoría de las veces, el Therac-25 se comportó bien y administró correctamente el tratamiento a las pacientes con cáncer. Pero en 6 ocasiones, algo falló. El enfermero u operario de turno cometió un error al inicio del tratamiento, accionó los mecanismos de corrección del software de la máquina y rectificó el rumbo. En teoría, porque a pesar de que la interfaz indicaba que todo iba bien, en realidad los pacientes estaban recibiendo hasta 125 veces más......

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...Problems involving:  Reliability  Safety  Security  Privacy  Human well-being 16 Computer-Related Risks  The Ariadne rocket, a common European space project exploded a few seconds after takeoff, due to a software error.  The baggage-handling system of the Denver International Airport. Errors in the software that controls the system required postponement of the official opening (Oct. 1993). By June 1994 the $ 193 million system was still not functioning, but costing $ 1.1 million per day in interest and other costs. In early 1995 a manual baggage system was installed in order to open the airport. 17 Computer-Related Risks  Some cancer patients in the USA have received fatal radiation overdoses from the Therac-25, a computer-controlled radiation-therapy machine.  The Sizewell B nuclear power plant in England. Some years ago it was decided to test the subsystem which is used to close down the reactor if a dangerous situation occurs. The results were not comforting: the software failed almost half of them. They were not able to find the errors in the 100 000 lines of code. Instead, they reduced the overall expectation of the plant's performance from one failure every 10,000 years to one every 1,000 years. 18 China Airlines Airbus A300 in Taipei (1998) The Korean Air Lines B747 CFIT Accident in Guam (1997) The FedEx MD11 Accident on Landing at Newark (1997) The Birgen Air B757 accident near Puerto Plata (1996) News on the Aeroperu......

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