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There Will Come Soft Rains

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There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury’s “There Will Come Soft Rains” is a story set in 2026, of a futuristic and obliterated Allendale, California. The tale is composed of a lonely house that still stands upon the ruble of the town. Throughout the silence is a lone voice of an automated home system. Day after day the automated home system follows the same routine even though there are no tenants in the house. The ultimate destruction of the seemingly indestructible house was a house fire caused by a fallen tree limb. Although this story was written 1950, many of Bradbury’s futuristic visions are already happening today.
One of the most relevant ideas that Bradbury has that the 2017 society has today is a house that cleans itself. For instance, Bradbury states that tiny mice darted out of the walls sucking up dirt and other particles to clean the carpet (Bradbury 323). Due to technological innovations, scientists have been able to formulate numerous types of automated cleaners. Anything from dish cleaners to carpet cleaners, there is a machine that cleans everything. Another example of Bradbury’s ‘effortless
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As seen in the story, the author states that when the house catches fire the automated home system alerts all tenants that there is a fire and initiates the sprinklers on the ceiling to extinguish the fire (Bradbury 326). In the modern world, in every home, place of business and road side there are devices that help to fight and detect fire such as sprinklers and fire hydrants. Sprinklers allow for fires to be extinguished from about and fire alarms alert occupants that there is a fire so that they may flee to safety. Despite the slight differences in the book such as automated mice that shoot water onto the fire, many of the same principles still apply in devices in the modern

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