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Bad Habits
Joshua Nunez
Sep 19, 2012

The way I would use the five steps of listening to improve the communication in my dialogue will be firstly Wade wasn’t really receiving what rick was saying he was always on the defensive. So that would be the first thing that would’ve changed. If wade would have paid more attention to what rick was actually saying he would’ve understood that rick was simply telling him to keep his head up and stop beating himself up. Those are basic word of encouragement that Wade can actually learn from. If he what of understood what Rick was saying, he wouldn’t be so on the defense and his mood could’ve probably even shifted from sad or mad to happy. Wade didn’t reply constructively, he actually responded in a patronizing way, which didn’t make matters any better. If he would’ve responded in a better form the conversation could’ve possibly went a lot longer. Practicing the 5 steps of listening will give me an advantage in chosen industry because I will have a better understanding on what people may want from me. I’m a Recording art major and listening plays a big part in what I want to do. The five steps have not only taught me how to physically communicate with people but also how to actually completely understand what the other person is saying. A lot of people hear but don’t really listen. The five steps helped me not only in communicating but also in actually paying attention to music. Many people when having conversations listen to what they want to hear out of what someone is saying. Which is where I was going wrong. When having a conversation you have to completely receive what the person is saying, attend to the information you received. Get a clear understanding on what you just received, respond logically using the information you received and recall which is remember the information after you received it. These five steps...

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