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Thesis About Homosexuality

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Thesis Statement:
Homosexuals in South Africa are discriminated against at colleges and universities they attend.

After high school, most scholars look forward to the “university life”, as that is where you expect to discover who you truly are and where you belong in the world. Because the student community at universities are so diverse based on race, gender and backgrounds, you expect to experience acceptance, unity and from there, also adopt me confidence. In spite of this, it isn’t always easy for homosexuals to express themselves as they are, because many of the other students seem to be overly judgemental towards them.
The following research proposal is conducted to identify what homosexuality is, and how students that
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Many people who are not homosexually orientated have the misconception that being homosexual means you are mentally ill, and this is why homosexuals are ashamed of their orientation, even though it is adopted naturally. This study will benefit students (and all others) from the queer community who have been discriminated against by other students and even lecturers and staff members at their campus. They will benefit, as people who aren’t part of the queer community, will become aware of how negatively these students are affected, and see how it omits unity and acceptance in a country that has been run democratically for the past twenty years.
This study aims to identify what discrimination against homosexuals is, the reasons as to why this type of discrimination exists within colleges and universities of South Africa, how victims are affected and how their academics are influenced, what policies the various institutions of study may have, and also possible solutions to this issue. This proposal may also enable the government and campus management teams (who set up policies) to identify whether there are strategies that require improvement, and in doing so, this will allow for corrective action to be taken by
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(Smith, 2012). The following research questions are what prompted me to conduct this research:
Firstly, do campuses have policies that protect homosexuals? Secondly, what reasons do people have for discriminating against homosexuals? Lastly, how are victims of homosexual discrimination affected?

Research design:
The research proposal method has a qualitative design. A qualitative design tries to understand and explore situations by analysing and making sense of the data. A qualitative design allows participants to speak about their experience, if given the opportunity. This research design typically makes use of small groups of individuals and feedback obtained from it is descriptive.
The key participants for this research are; students from the queer community who have been victimized, students who choose to discriminate against homosexuals, and campus management staff.
This method of research includes interviews, questionnaires, and also supporting documents.
The instruments required to conduct this research include; printed out questionnaires (on paper), pens (for participants to fill out questionnaires), a voice recorder (for interviews), access to a library and the internet for additional

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