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Kaplan (2009) said that Social Networking Sites follow the content communities in the review of social media types. It’s important to clarify their meaning and usage as they take central place in the current thesis. Trough these kinds of sites people connect while exchanging personal information, photos, videos and even instant messages. People can also invite friends to have access to this information. Face book and blog are considered to be the most popular social networking sites. Companies nowadays switch to Face book in their efforts to bond with the customer. (Alinsky, 1971; Freire, 1970) said that For the purposes of this literature, there is a clear focus on the extent to which social media can be transformative in the way that people relate to one another. The evidence from other forms of influencing and campaigning is that this is most effectively done primarily through people’s existing social relationships. Although all social media play a part in this, there is a sense in which social networks have become especially powerful. For the purposes of this review, therefore, there will be an primary focus on the impact of social networks, with examples and broader case studies brought in from other social media where appropriate. ……

McCharty (2010), who defines face book as a significant educational environment owing to its popularity and easy use, performed a blending (virtual and real) learning environment and collected data from 120 students. In the result of the research, McCharty (2010) emphasized the significance of the two key...

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