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The thesis statement that I have come up with for my “big idea” topic is: I believe we can better our economy by changing the way the government assists the citizens financially with programs such as food stamps, otherwise known as EBT. The government shapes society and the government needs to help society help themselves by making a few changes to the way it disburses our tax money. I think this thesis is going to be effective because it shows my main focus of the essay I will be writing, which is to change the way government assists families of low income. I want to stress the option of giving more money as school grants rather than giving it for food. Another option would also be limiting the options of foods that are okay to purchase with EBT. Right now, there are no limitation other than alcohol or pre-prepared foods. You can even purchase energy drinks at the moment. If people weren’t given everything for doing nothing, they may be more likely to further their education and get a better job to provide such luxuries as fatty foods or sweets and energy drinks. I see a major problem supporting this thesis with fallacy, mainly because I have such strong personal opinions. I am going to have to force myself to rely on straight facts and pure research to get my point across. For my research, I am going to stray away from any sort of blogs or websites put up as a riot against the government. I will do my best to find websites that are “.org” or .gov”. I think a good idea will be for me to focus on one state for data and different financial numbers, seeing as every state is probable different in the way they approve and deny a person of assistance. Alabama is where I reside and Georgia is where I am from, so once I start the research, I will go with whichever one of them I tend to run into more information on more often. If I choose to focus on Alabama, I might see if a worker at my local food stamp office may be interested in speaking with me for the purpose of my research topic. In today’s society, it is very true, that a lot of families are struggling. Some people are struggling to make ends meet and honestly need some assistance for the government. There are also those people who live off the government and do nothing to try to get out of their current situation. Every year, the government uses tax payers tax dollars to generate funds to help assist families in need. I believe there is not enough focus on the educational portion of this assistance program. If the government changed the amount of funds given through food stamps, also known as EBT, and added to what they granted for student’s college tuition each year, I believe that society would change and more people would be enrolled in furthering their education to better their financial situation if more assistance was given in the area of education and less was given away as EBT benefits. With EBT, people are allowed to use hundreds of dollars a month to purchase whatever food items they desire. It does not matter what the health status of the food items is, or if they are at all substantial foods necessary to live. People can go into a gas station and purchase a soda and gum or into a grocery store and purchase a 12-pack of Redbull. If there were limitations for the types of foods able to purchase by the EBT, it may also push people towards making a better financial situation for themselves so that they may be able to experience such “luxuries”. I know taking away assistance completely is not a bright idea, but making a few changes to the standards would do a lot. There should be a limit on the amount of time you are allowed to have benefits. If a person does not work at all, I do not think these benefits should be available to them, as they do not input into the taxes that help make the funds available. I want to see the society grow, and I believe the government is a huge factor in shaping society.

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