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Often we hear the phrase, "promote from within" as one of the best ways to expand the talent pool. Yet sometimes firms do not post internal openings for which anyone may apply. Instead, they select someone to promote. Why might a firm do this and what drawbacks could result?
On the other hand, some firms prefer to look outside the company to increase the talent pool, including posting information on social networking sites. What are the benefits of using social media for recruitment?

A firm might want to “promote from within” because the company wants to attract their employees. Every ones want to work for a company where they will have the opportunities of promotion. This will encourage people to work harder because they want to go up on that ladder of employment. Also, “promote from with in” helps company save time and money on hiring any position. Company will not have to pay the advertising fee, won’t have to read a bunch of applications, and won’t have to interview lots of people. Another plus thing is when you promote someone from with in, that person already knows well about the company and how things work, so they don’t have to spend a lot of times to learn about the company culture and stuffs, which may lowers their performance for the first couple weeks like employees that are hired from outside of the company might. So “promote from with in is a great way to strengthen your company with out having to spend too much to find the perfect candidates.
However, there is not always possible for a company to promote from within. Sometimes, the current employees with in the company don’t meet the requirement for a specific position. Then, company must look outside the company to increase the talent pool. This always a better decision than hiring someone who isn’t qualified for that particular position. With the developments of social media today, it’s easier...

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