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Things We Need to Live on Mars

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Aug. 18, 2014

Things We Need To Live On Mars

Mars is known as being the red planet in our solar system and for being the fourth planet from the sun. In occasion we ask ourselves what would we need to live on Mars if by any reason Earth is no longer able to sustain us. Well our main concern would be our oxygen; we either need to build a facility with oxygen or figure out another invention in order to be able to breathe on Mars. We not only need a building to help us breathe, but also to be able to keep warm because Mars is known for its cold temperature. We would imagine it would be hot on the “red” planets but the farther you go from the sun the colder each planet gets. On Mars there are many caves that we can take advantage of to keep warm and build these facilities. Another inconvenience that we would come around is that on Mars days and a year are longer than on Earth, so we would have longer periods of time to in which we will have no light other than from the two moons that Mars has, which mean more coldness and more “winter time”. Another risky factor that we need to solve before even thinking in living on Mars is, Radiation. On Mars there is a lot of radiation exposure that for us can cause many health wise risks. We need to figure out a way to stop from all the radiation to take a toll on us. Once, oxygen, radiation and cold temperatures are solved we can now think of the necessities that us humans will need to have in order to survive, like medicine, food and water. But unless we figure out a way to solve these three great factors we will not be able to set a foot on Mars.

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