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Think Rich, Pinoy!

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"Think Rich, Pinoy!"
(Reflection Paper)

This book by Larry Gamboa is an interesting and useful guide for students like me. As an AgriBusiness Major, I found this book very helpful for my study and also an inspiration for young aspiring entrepreneurs like me. The author shares with us the secrets to becoming wealthy and having a lot of money without really working hard for it.

Reading this book was a big contribution to my education as a business inclined student who is still learning how to excell and bloom in the field of entrepreneurship. I also learned how important and beneficial the opportunities brought by engaging in real estate investments. This book also showed how interesting and amazing it is to earn a passive income. Passive income means earning money while just having a vacation somewhere or by just enjoying quality time with your family or loved ones without working hard all day and all night.

This book is a great help to those who are in need of money especially. It is an eye opener to those who dont have the hope and courage of trying to make their self free from poverty and be out of the poverty line. It is not your fault that you are born poor, but it is going to be your fault if you will remain poor for the rest of your life.

After reading this book, my knowledge about business widened and it provided a significant effect in my perspective of how essential it is to be enlightened of the things around us. This book is an effective tool in achieving success in life. This book must be read by people who are brave enough to change their unproductive life and make a difference and discover the path not taken.

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