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Creative Thinking

Creativity includes the process of changing from the old into something new. Creative thinking is very important to critical thinking. Creative thinking may be practice using: brainstorming, starbursting, and coaxing creativity.

Creative thinking begins with brainstorming by allowing the mind to flow freely with ideas and thoughts. Brainstorming is more effective by individually versus a group. Another practice of creative thinking is starbursting. Starbursting focuses on a topic and generates various questions.

Creative thinking affects critical thinking by using techniques such as brainstorming to allow the creative thinker to come up with possible solutions to a problem. Creative thinking is different from logical and scientific thinking because it allows the ability to solve problems with a proactive point of view and focuses on various thoughts and multiple solutions.

Logical thinking

Logical thinking includes the process of analyzing, reasoning, understanding and the dynamic of thinking that would achieve a specific target objective. Logical thinking is very important in critical thinking because it affects the final decision and a better solution. Logical thinking includes categorical syllogisms, hypothetical, and the disjunctive.

Logical thinkers derive at solutions based on specific premises that provide insight into a specific solution while creative thinkers focuses on various thoughts and multiple solutions.

Scientific thinking

Scientific thinking uses the cause and effect relationship to analyze possible solutions to an identified problem. The process used observation, hypotheses formulation, experimentation, and verification.

The scientific method is different from creative and logical thinking process because it is based on experiment and repeated empirical evidence. The scientific method allows...

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