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The main risk that he’s taking, which I’m not even sure if he was serious, is that he said he didn’t really prepare for this stand up as much as he should have. He seems to be pretty creative so it makes sense that he might feel that he doesn’t need to prepare since he can bullshit the entire thing. Another thing that he does is he makes this stand up take in a very small venue. I feel that he wants to make the whole situation more intimate than other comedians normally do. He also didn’t make fun of the audience as many comedians do. This is usually an easy tactic used by the comedian to break the ice, but he seems to stray away from that tactic in this stand up. He also took a risk talking about the emotional topic regarding the ‘fatty marc’ baseball game. It’s hard to talk about topics like this because you never know if the audience will take it the same way each time. Plus, personal stories don’t always come off as funny to the audience unless you make them feel like they were there and included in the actual story. He makes himself vulnerable by performing in such an intimate location. He’s on a small stage in front of a small crowd. He also makes himself vulnerable by taking these specific risks that I talked about in the previous paragraph. He talks about specific stories in his life that make himself vulnerable because the audience can take his story however they want. They might not see the story the same way that Mark does. At the beginning before he goes on stage he seems to be rather nervous for this performance. I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t think he’s going to do well or what, but he is nervous at the beginning. In class, we discussed that this may be a good thing because it means that we are going to take the stand up seriously. The difference between him and I are that I will prepare for this stand up strictly because of the fact that I will be nervous and preparing for it will definitely help calm me down because I know what I will want to say when I get up in front of everyone. The gravity in what he’s saying is that it’s the truth. Truth can be funny most of the times because not many people just straight up tell it how it is. The part where he describes his baseball career is one of the funnier parts. The reason being is that he is brutally honest with himself and the audience. He isn’t really holding back any knowledge from the audience. A technique that I may steal is making fun of others or myself. He does a good job of being honest and not really embellishing things, so I feel that I may try to implement that into my stand up. I don’t know if I will steal that many of his techniques because honestly I just wasn’t that big of a fan. He was funny, just not my type of stand up comedian. This could pertain to our discussion on Monday about comedians being generational, but I just didn’t connect as much to him as I do with Kevin Hart or Jim Gaffigan. I do think that it was useful watching the stand up. It’s nice to see different styles of comedy especially since I’ve only watched the mainstream comedians. There aren’t many things that I find unsayable when it comes to comedy. If you go see a comedian, you’re pretty much adhering to the fact that some inappropriate diction will be used. There are some ideas that may go too far. These could range from talking about sex to racial discrimination. I plan on talking about stereotypes in my stand up so there is definitely a line that can be crossed in that topic. Some unsayables when it comes to stereotypes could be racial slurs and just an obscene amount of racial discrimination. I also feel that comedians use cuss words too much. Sure it’s funny occasionally, but when your entire skit is just cussing within jokes, that are not funny, it’s immature. I wouldn’t say that these are unsayables; they’re just far more unnecessary than they are necessary. My favorite comedian hardly cusses at all. He gets the joke across just by being funny, not by swearing the entire time.

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