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This Ceo Is Out for Blood


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CASE OF STUDY: This CEO is out for blood Mircea Muntean Nov 8 2014 Cohort 12

The documents contains questions and answers about Elisabeth Holmes and its company Theranos, a revolutionary concept for health care.

1. What are the factors that have shaped Elizabeth Holmes as a leader?

Elizabeth Holmes was actually born as a leader. She has all the characteristics and has been raised into the most appropriate environment for reaching the actual performance, no matter the operating field.
She is brilliantly smart, highly innovative and very ambitious. Her genius was the main reason for her to start this business and do it so well. However, there are many other reasons, usualy small things which can, to a certain time, change somebody’s life completely. Her fear for needles and blood taking was the reason for her to start thinking about a revolutionary way of having blood tests in an easier, faster and as reliable as the standard procedure is.
Her genius combined with great courage to give up the college education and to start the business created the conditions for her to become a truly leader, although, as stated before, she is a natural born leader, characteristic obvious since she was a child and she stated that she will do something special .
As I can deduct based on limited informations about her, I can see her pretty similar to Steve Jobs, therefore she is very determined and persuasive on ther cause.
She is performance oriented not money oriented, as she’s paying all her efforts to fulfill her dream which is related to better services for humans, not making profit as her goal. Her aim is to change the world.
Besides personal characteristics, other factors have shaped her as a leader. Personal examples of others, like

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