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This Is My Swamp

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This Is My Swamp
It is alleged that Lord Farquaad had violated the rights and freedom of many characters in the movie Shrek. There is multiple times he is seen going against the creatures and people of the land.
Lord Farquaad makes Shrek go on a quest, this goes against Shrek's rights and freedoms according to section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Only way Shrek was to regain privacy is if he went on the quest to rescue Princess Fiona for Lord Farquaad which does not comply with section 7 of his rights and freedoms. His life is being threatened while attempting to rescues the princess[4].
Mobility rights is section 6 in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Lord Farquaad forced all fairy tale creatures to leave their own land. This is the violation of section 6.1, where it states you have the right to move as you please.
Section 2 a) To move to and take up residence in any province. All fairy tale creatures in the pond were evicted by Lord Farquaad. 2 b) To pursue the gaining of livelihood in any province. When Lord Farquaad decides that it was in his power to remove the fairy tale creature, Shrek and donkey he is violating this section as they have the right to side within the province he rules.
Section 10 states that everyone has the right an arrest or detention.
a) To be informed promptly of the reasons therefor;
b) To retain and instruct counsel without delay and to be informed of that right; and
c)To have the validity of the detention determined by way of habeas corpus and to be released if the detention is not lawful. All fairy tale creatures have been violated here as well.
Gingerbread man was tortured by Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad is shown taunting him as he crumbled his legs into pieces. When gingerbread man failed to give him straight answers he threatened to remove his gumdrops. Section 9 is violated here because he…...

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