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Strategic of South West Airlines
Based upon traffic flown, the big airlines have found themselves caught traditional fare wars. The United States is characterized by intense rivalry and low profit margins. However,Southwest has been successfully operated in distinguishing itself from its competitors and sustained profitability in this industry. Govindarajan and Julie B(2002) states that"Southwest had the lowest operating-cost structure of offered the lowest and simplest fares and also had one of the best overall customers service records."

Southwest airline was founded by the CEO Herb Kelleher,he only hire young people to work for him,and always put his employees first because he think that when they happy,they’ll take good service of customers.Hence the culture of Southwest is hard work,high-energy ,fun,local autonomy,and creativity.Moreover,he makes the Southwest into a low cost and broad market.

Southwest Airlines is the nation's fourth largest carrier in terms of customers boarding. Southwest has grown signifier aircrafts all over the United States. With the lowest operantly since then and now owns 737ting cost structure in domestic airline industry, Southwest’s strategy is providing primarily short-haul, high frequency, point-to-point, and the lowest and simplest fares.The main objectives of Southwest’s business strategy include focusing on transporting high numbers of passengers on short trips with high frequency, providing low fares, making a strong loyalty to its employees and customers.
As Southwest’s major competitor, United Airlines relies on a hub and spoken system; moreover, provide full services airlines serve meals. To attract passengers who desire more comfort, they offer assigned seats. To accommodate passengers who must change planes, they coordinate schedules and transfer baggage. However, Southwest concentrates on frequent…...

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