This Is the Dark Time My Love

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This is the dark time my love
Themes: War, power and authority/lack of freedom
Tones and Moods: anxiety pressure and fear
Metaphor: brown beetles
"This is the Dark Time My Love" is poem that deals with cruelty and the pain and suffering of war
The repetition of the line ‘This is the dark time, my love’ emphasizes on what a dreadful and fearful time it was. They were almost there, almost free of the British hold.
Even Mother Nature herself was aware of the struggle: ‘The shining sun is hidden in the sky. Red flowers bend their heads in awful sorrow’ * 'brown beatles' refers the tankers. PERSONIFICATIONS
'Red flowers bend their heads.....' this is to show that flowers/nature is feeling the pain.
'dark metals' represents the guns.
'hidden sun in the sky' symbolizes the hidden hope of the people.
OXYMORONS- 'carnival of misery' and ' festival of guns'
Who comes walking in the dark night time?
Whose boot of steel tramps down the slender grass?
It is the man of death, my love, the strange invader
Watching you sleep and aiming at your dreams.
Aiming at the dreams of the innocent, people who had a right to look forward for a brighter future for their country and themselves. Free of being bullied, hated and looked down upon because of being different only to have a dark shadow cast over them by the invasion of the soldiers.

Dulce et decorum est
Like old beggars’ l.1. The soldiers are deprived of dignity and health like the elderly and dispossessed who are reduced to begging for a living.
‘Coughing like hags’ l.2. Owen compares the men to old, ugly women. They have lost their youth and with it their potency and masculinity.
‘Like a man in fire or lime’ l.12 Lime is a strong alkali which burns the skin as does flame; Owen is witnessing the agony of a man on fire.
‘As under a green sea’ l.14. This evokes the reality of…...

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