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PRADEEP Singh sal in the parking lot watching the cars leave one by one. He needed to make up his mind before he left the premises of Balaji Global Group (BGG) for the day. At yesterday's particularly acrimonious meeting with the chief operating officer, K.R. Muthiah, Singh had burst his dam of patience and told him in no uncertain terms what he thought of BGG's policies. It was not a sudden argument. Singh had been patient forthe last 16months. When he left Trilo Hygiene Products, a multinational corporation {MNC} where he was head of'human resource development (HRD), to join BGG, it was to spearhead a change to professionalism and empowerment. Then Muthiah had said to him:
'In five years, we have grown 100% and this year we are crossing the Rs 1,SOo.crore mark with so many diverse businesses and a vast management team, we want to develop our managers to grow out of a task orientation
10 one oflnng-term business onentanon.r want you to come in as the group's HRD director to institute the change process. We want you toworkcloselywith the family in evolving a new culture and replicate the MNCmodel ofeffective and proactive bustneeamenagememhere."
And while it meant relocating to-an alien region with a totally alien culture, varied customs and habits, Singh felt it was worth' the effort and emotional upheaval. With his 20 years' of exposure and experience in a multinational. he believed that if even a few like him entered family- managed concerns (FMCs), Indian business houses could make a quantum leap in their contributions to the country's management development. As if to. reinforce his faith, one of the first things he was asked to work on was a performance bonus scheme for the business beads and CEOs, to grow their initiative and business drive. 'Two months later, when Singh discussed his scheme, Muthaiah said: "You need to discuss this with the rest of the...

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