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Home Schooling is very popular nowadays with an annex of 7-15% a year. There are about two million students performing home based studies. According to Steven, Going to school in United States of America is not a legal mandate. Educating the child is a legal requirement. When parents cogitate that they cannot afford their children going to school, they prefer home schooling then. Home schooling can be paralleled at par to chronic schooling. They can learn as much as they can learn in other schools. It’s beneficial for the parents as well. Parents who home school their parents are more educated as they have a hands on experience in teaching their children ample subjects and the skills to edify their children (Steven Dowshen, 2012)
Home Schooling pros are discussed below: Home schooling provides the freedom to tutelage. They have the option to learn what they intend to not what they are forced to study. It is wrong to say that home schooling does not cover all the basics well. Some students can cover the basics at the age of five while some can also cover the basics at the age of 10.It all depends on the age, maturity, mental level and interest level. Home schooling provides physical freedom. Most people who home school their children experience a sense of emancipation as they do not have to follow the time hours of school anymore. Their lives do not revolve around schooling hours, assignments, quizzes, school calendar etc anymore. They can plan their vacations. Visit parks and museum any time without the fear of missing school classes.
. Home schooling provides feverish freedom to the students. As in every school, duress of students, admonishing, boredom are a part of a typical school. Students of home school can wear what they like, act what they want and they can think what they want. They live in real world where they are not dictated by anyone. Home...

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