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“Fighting Gamecock”

Have you ever wondered where the University of South Carolina’s official mascot, Carolina Gamecocks, came from? This influence came from none other than Thomas Sumter, a true hero of the Revolutionary War. Thomas gained this nickname for his vicious fighting tactics during the war.

"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" – Nathan Hale. This is a common feeling of the soldiers serving in the American Revolution War including Thomas Sumter. Thomas was both an American soldier and politician. He served in the French - Indian war, and Revolutionary war. He was also a merchant, planter, and politician.

Thomas was born Jan 14, 1734 in Hanover County, VA to William, an emigrant from Wales, and Elizabeth Sumter. He grew up in a cabin in Hanover County with his parents, two sisters and three brothers. In 1767, Thomas married Mary Jameson who gave birth to his only son, Thomas Sumter, Jr, in 1768. He received a basic education and went on to join the Virginia militia.

During his time with the Virginia militia, he served as a Sergeant in the Cherokee War. He took a business trip to London to appear before King George III. He served as an interpreter for the Cherokee Indians. In 1762, he returned back to the colonies at Charleston, SC. After he was in SC he took a quick trip back to Virginia. Thomas was arrested for some debt owed and escaped from jail returning to Charleston.

After he was back in South Carolina, he tried to get money from both the South Carolina and British government for his service in French and Indian War. The British government paid him for interpreting for the Cherokees in London before the King. Thomas used the money from the British to buy land on the Santee River.

He purchased land in the perfect location because of the traffic that came through as people travelled between Charleston and the frontier. He built a crossroads store to serve the people that were travelling. This was a very successful business which made him proud. Thomas courted and married a widow named Mary Jameson in the summer of 1767. Mary was eleven years older than Thomas. She was a crippled from a childhood disease. At the age of forty-five, Mary gave birth to their only son Thomas Sumter, Jr in August of 1768. Thomas and Mary lived a very happy life together.
Sumter showed his strength and courage during the snow campaign as the Patriot militia marched in the snow, rain, and ice. Richardson commented in his report to congress, Sumter, who on this expedition I constituted Adjutant General, who has behaved very well and has been to me and the cause, of extra service”

Colonel Tarleton sent Captain Charles Campbell to bring Sumter. Finding their prey gone, Captain Campbell’s men picked up the chair that Mary Sumter was sitting in and put her into the yard to witness the destruction of her house and farm.

Colonel Tarleton had “awaken a sleeping giant.” Sumter began organizing militia for guerilla-style, backcountry warfare against the British, and soon became known as the “fighting gamecock.” Sumter got the name from Lord Cornwallis and colonel Tarleton themselves because of his fierce nature. Other accounts contend that the Gillespie family. Famous for their cockfights, gave Sumter the nickname when came to recruit them for the patriot cause.

General Sumpter can be seen as illustrating the American dream of success. He rose above his humble background, coming to South Carolina as fleeing debtor and ending up as one of the state’s most notable military, political and civic leaders. Sumter died on June 1, 1832 at his mount plantation

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