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Nowadays, many foreign visitors regarded Hong Kong as a famous shopping and gourmet’s paradise but the locals own the opposite view. The local get less and less interest in their own country since they had lived in Hong Kong for a long time already, there are not enough new thing to satisfy their fresh. They would like to go on holiday to foreign destination. This paper aims to investigate the reasons of this situation – the implement of the Individual Visit Scheme , the cheaper travel fee offered by tourism companies , the benefits of visiting foreign countries and I will give suggestion on how Hong Kong can improve its local tourism. To start with, , the keen competition between tourism companies lead the travel fee of foreign countries become cheaper while the expenditure in Hong Kong keep raising. It is well known that the expenditure index in Hong Kong remain high. According to Morning Star, travel to Taipei 4 days 3 nights is just 1,899 dollars for an adult. During the trip, you can go somewhere you never been there, try the taste of food you haven’t try. However, if you chose to stay in Hong Kong , you only got limited choice to enjoy your holiday such as Disneyland, ocean park, shopping, movie etc Since the amount of expenditure is likely the same if you chose to enjoy the holiday in Hong Kong People will think that it will be more worth if u spend money to go for a foreign trip rather than spend the same amount of money in Hong Kong .

In addition, the implement of the Individual Visit Scheme which allows more Chinese people come to visit Hong Kong and it make Hong Kong become crowded than before. Take Mong Kok as an example it is the most popular place where visitors and local citizens enjoy shopping there. I had been there last week but that experience makes me feel bad. A crowd had already collected outside the shopping mall and stores .I need to...

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