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Thoughts About Harvard Graduate Student Housing Suevey


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What are the problems of Harvard housing problems in the case?
Vacancies are few, student flow is high

What are you feelings as you go through this survey?
Yes it is too long. There are answers to some questions in section E that could be retrieved by using student ID.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of this survey?
Strength: survey is thorough; large number of response; replicable over years.
Weaknesses: too long and boring; there are hard questions (trade-off questions); the questions are made out of simplistic assumptions such as locations and features instead of more sophisticated human factors.

What can be added to the 2005 survey?
More human factors: Entertainment habits, dinning preferences.
Allston initiative: Questions that help Harvard build a more favorable community for students. (Facilities, with/without varied school composition, transportation).
Faculty members could also be consider as a survey object as they are building Allston community.
What can be removed from 2001 survey?
Factual questions.
What can be modified in the 2001 survey?
Merge the trade-off questions into a table with five scales from least important to most important.
Questions about transportations should also be changed – public transportation would be different in 4 years.

Relate to ourselves --- what if we are to design a survey for our final project? How to design high quality surveys?
Factors that we think are important when designing a survey:
1. Response rate
2. Presence of biases
3. Target respondent
4. Structure of the survey
5. Wording of the surbey
6. Incentives to complete the survey
7. Able to compare and monitor data over time

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