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Threat and Oppurnities Settle's Cafe

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SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a study of the internal and external environment which plays an important role in the strategic planning process. The internal environment factors consist of strengths and weakness, whereas, the external environment factors consist of opportunities and threats.

With this reason, settler’s café would not be able to grow and expand further to choose customer. Moreover, if the café could not grow further in the market, it might lead to a downfall of the business eventually.

Opportunities Settler’s café still have rooms to grow, and definitely are able to expand the business further by open few more branch. They could recruit more member to provide an even better services and creative member to promote the settler’s café assets to attract more customer.

These also mean more budgets, but it is also equal to more activities and customer they can service in a day, making more money for the business. They can change the menus and drinks to attract more customers to it. They can do survey on the services and foods & drinks they provide. This can help them improve and create better opportunities in the market.

Threat Settler’s café is not family business. They employed people from the outside to work for them. As they have 2 outlets to manage, thus, they need to more human resource to run the café for them.

Thus, if the employ decide to leave the café and join the same line café, important information of settler’s café may leak out to the other same line café. Thus the survival of the settler’s café in the market may decrease due to the knowing the weakness of the settler’s café. Other café may try their might to bring down settler’s café once settler’s café important information is leaks out to the public.

In additional, it will get dull of settler’s café do the same thing over and over again. Customer will…...

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