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Three Books for the Future

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Three Books for the Future

A major change will occur in the future based in the movie, Time Machine 1960 version. Interesting thing that happened was that George, the main actor, took to the future 3 books with him. We do not know which ones they were. But if we would be able to travel to the future, we would take with us these books; (Medicine, Science and Basic clean Electricity).
The first book that we choose was a Medicine book because would help us to understand our human body. Right now in the present we understand that without medicine the diseases would it takes over the human society. With the medicine knowledge in the future we will save further generations by teaching people how to take better care of them self. An important point is that medical book could diagnose the disease early and prevent less death by conserving futures generations. Medicine book is simply one of the books that society would need for ever to survive.
The second book is science. It will help to create medicine for the future, developing new technology for our needs. It will also address social issues and solve everyday problem such as basic stuff; Ex. (How the world function in terms of our nature) Building knowledge for future generation. This book will be essential in the future because will satisfy curiosity among society. The science book is needed because it shows us the basic of everyday changes.
The third book is a basic clean energy. Basic clean energy is needed because is a better way to create energy. Clean energy will help prevent further destruction of our planet. One of the sources that will help us to create energy without creating pollution it’s the win, the sun and the water among others. This book it’s simply a fantastic book to have in the future.
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