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Three Componants That Compise a Local Buisness

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Coin Operated Self-Serve Laundromat

Ronnell Ohlson


March 24, 2015 Michael Charter

Coin Operated Self-Serve Laundromat

The three components that comprise a coin operated self-serve laundromat business are business commerce, business occupation, and business organization.

The business commerce of a coin operated self-serve laundromat would be the people in the neighborhood and surrounding areas who use coins to pay for the washing and drying of their own laundry, at a place that provides washer and dryer machines that are maintained and the cost of utilities are the responsibility of the company owner. The value of this is having a place to do laundry without the responsibility of owning it and paying the cost of utilities and maintaining the equipment themselves. The business occupation of a coin operated self-serve laundromat are washers, dryers, and machines that hold a variety of products people use to wash with. There are utilities along with rental costs of the property where the equipment and products are kept for people to go and use. The business organization of a coin operated laundromat is to have a certified repairman who specializes in repairing and maintaining coin operated machines. If an owner is also a certified repairman of coin operated machinery this will help him with the costs of hiring someone. In conclusion, businesses as commerce, occupation and organization have evolved to allow land, labor, capital, and enterprise to be used more productively and profitably.

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