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Three Factors That Determine the Rate of Peanut Oil

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Three factors that determine the rate of peanut oil
Recently, we have seen a number of netizens on the Internet to ask questions, “ How to improve the rate of peanut oil?” “How much oil can be processed of the peanut?” and so on. While what factors affect the oil rate of the constraints of the peanut oil? Below I will do a simple analysis.

First of all: the raw material of peanut is absolutely dry, and fine selection. Peanut should be dry before squeezing, except for miscellaneous. Many users will ignore this essential preprocessing step. As everyone knows, not through the selection of peanut raw materials will not only greatly reduce the oil rate, but also to accelerate the wear of the machine. Win Tone Machinery for the production of special peanut hulling peanut sheller and vibration cleaning sieve, is a great solution to this problem.

Second: the quality of peanut oil pressing machine also has a crucial impact on the peanut oil rate.
From the peanut oil pressing machine itself, mainly rely on the pressing pressure and screw zetoms temperature. The 6YL series of oil and oil machinery of the Win Tone Machinery is used in the infrared heating, the micro electric control system, makes the peanut press is no longer so difficult.

Last: the rate of residual oil in the cake is too high. Engaged in oil work friends all know, if the cake is too thick, the cake oil rate is too high will directly reduce the peanut oil rate. How to control the residual oil rate in the cake and the thickness of the cake has become a concern for many households. Win Tone Machinery’s grain and oil machinery from the customer point of view, and actively improve the development of new varieties, the introduction of the 6YL series peanut press can not only control the thickness of the cake between 0.8 - 2mm, and it is the residual oil rate in the control of 4%, in the same industry in a leader.

Any interests or more information about the oil processing machine or peanut oil pls contact us freely, or you can send email to me then I will reply you with details as soon as possible.

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