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Three Main Types of Movies

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Three Main Types of Movies

Movie is considered to be one of the most marvelous productions in human history since 19th century. People living in the old times find pleasure through reading books, watching plays and musicals. Reading a book needs imagination to see the scenes in mind and watching a musical requires sitting in a certain seat in a theater. Both of them cannot gain the advantages of watching movies; people can enjoy a film with colorful, realistic silver screen and even without leaving the comfort of their homes. Therefore, nowadays, movie seems to be the most popular entertainment for people at all ages, and there are three major types of movies people prefer to watch: comedy, romance, and horror movies.

Comedy movie is always our best friend who takes our sorrow away and tickles us until we laugh to death. Generally speaking, no matter how old you are, you can always share the joyfulness with your family, friends by watching a comedy. While you are watching one, you may find the actors in the film tend to look funny such as the famous British comedy television program starring Rowan Atkinson. The actors’ hilarious talks and silly actions are also irresistible. Whenever you feel sad and depressed or simply feel like a laugh, comedy can always be your best friend!

Some people say, “There is no remedy for love.” There actually is. Romance movie is the wisest teacher to save and guide people in love. There are 7 billion people in this world. Through the number, we can imagine how many people who are in love or have ever been in love are living with us in the same earth. Romance movie builds beautiful, fantastic stories one by one to satisfy those who desperately try to figure out what true love is. Gorgeous actors and actresses in romance movies are also inevitable....

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