Three Overriding Responsibilities of the Project Manager.

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Appraise the three overriding responsibilities of the project manager. Select which of the three would be most difficult for you and discuss why?

The project manager has overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project. The project manager also has to act as a facilitator.
The Project manager has three overriding responsibilities to the project. First is the acquisition of resources and personnel. Second is dealing with the obstacles that arise during the course of the project. Third is exercising the leadership needed to bring the project to a successful conclusion and making the trade-offs necessary to do so.
Acquiring resources: Acquiring the necessary quality and quantity of resources and personnel is difficult as many times quality resources are available but they demand higher rates and some are not willing to relocate or travel and sometime resources are not available due to high demand.
Fighting fires and obstacles: Every project has obstacles due to change, conflict between business and project team and dealing with the obstacles is responsibility of a project manager .The project manager works as a liaison between the business and the technical disciplines involved in a project. The Project manager needs Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Persuasion qualities to meet three overriding responsibilities.
Leadership and making trade-offs: The Project manager is also responsible for making the trade-offs necessary to lead the project to successful conclusion. The project manager is a key figure in making trade-offs between project cost, schedule, and scope and in my opinion it is one of the difficult task as managing humans is a complex task and coming up with a solution which makes all parties happy is difficult and project manager has to be a good negotiator and ready with options…...