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Three Problem Areas of Walmart

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Week 2- Course Project- Introduction – Mazalene Towner
Three Problem Areas at Wal-Mart that I would like to investigate further 1. Wal-Mart has had major issues with labor unions nationally and internationally. According to the Washington Post article, Wal-Mart has contracts with labor unions in some countries but in other countries, they are no unions. There are some organizations and government agency that feel that all 2 million of Wal-Mart employees fall under some type of labor union to protect the employee’s job security and vestments in the company. Will interview, analyze and research employee background information in the different countries as well as understand how Wal-Mart decided to execute labor contracts in some countries unlike in the United States. 2. Wal-Mart has another issue regarding how the suppliers are treating the workers internationally. According to the International Herald Tribune, some of the shareholders of Wal-Mart are requesting that some of the countries have to disclose how the suppliers are treating the workers. It would be interesting to further investigate how the suppliers treat their workers in the United States. 3. Wal-Mart is considering a five year plan to reduce the cost of their healthier foods and request food manufacturers produce healthier products at a lower cost according to The Globe and Mail (Canada). Wal-Mart is a stickler for trying to get the cheapest wholesale cost of everything and sale to the massive of international consumers. With that being said, acting as a shareholder would like for Wal-mart to disclose the progress of the five year plan proposed in...

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