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Three Reasons a Person Should Attend College

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Three Reasons a Person Should Attend College Nowadays, education is playing a very important role in everyone’ life. Therefore, college serves as a great place to get better educated. When asked the question “why do you need to choose to go to college or the university”, people have different answers. For me, I believe the three main reasons are for more money, for good friends, for the different kind of experience. The first reason refers to money, which may sound common but is really very important. No one can live without food, drinks or anything else. And it is obvious that people who get a bachelor degree can receive a higher pay at first than who do not have one. And the research also shows more exactly that the difference can be more than $1 million in the course of their lifetimes. What’ is more, one having a Master or Doctor degree can do better. With a lot of money, people can travel, relax, do whatever they want, and they can also provide a better life for their parents, children. They do not need to experience much hardship, for example, those who do not have these degrees need to work form the basic level which requires more boring and complicated tasks. So money can be a very attractive reason for people to attend college.
The second reason is that we can make many good friends at college. In every college, there are many students from different cities or even different countries. They major in various subjects and have several habits. When we come to the college, we can join the clubs and make friends with who have the same interest, such as hiking, singing, swimming. And also, when taking the classes, we can meet many people and have opportunities to find someone having the similar opinions, ideas or just the same hometown. If interested, we can be close friends. Just take myself for example, I come to IUB some days ago, during the orientation, I met with a Korean girl who was very outgoing and generous. We came to know more about each other in the next few days and found that we both liked shopping and were Christian. And now we become good friends, I feel very great to meet people this way and share the happiness and sorrow with them. Therefore, I believe that for making good friends or even meeting different kind of people, we should attend college to do it.
Then, the third reason is about getting the different kind of experience. In fact, when we come to college, most people start living away from home which is a kind of special experience. This can be very hard at first, because you will feel lonely when you go around and see others hanging out with families, but you may not tell you parents so that it will not make them worried. But when one goes through it, he or she can be stronger and stronger. And also, there are many other experiences, for example the culture shock. If you talks with someone coming from the different country, you will find that you may not understand some of his or her ideas and actions. You can think: “How could it be?” , but as you experience more, you can understand that and be adept to the culture shock, you will learn how to respect and communicate with others in a smart way. You will not be surprised anymore when you face the same thing after you graduate form a college or university. In addition, we can also experience how to deal with the study and work at the same time. Because one has the opportunity to find a job or internship at college so it means we should know how to balance both of them and can actually do well. It is hard for everyone at first but if you have a good command of this ability, it will be easier when you come to work and you can do better than others who do not attend college and have not experienced it. Above mentioned experience can prove that people should attend college after high school.
Although there are many reasons or benefits for people to attend college, I think the threes ones concerning pay, friends, and experiences can best conclude it. Also, attending college can open many doors for ones who want to succeed.

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