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Three Strategies That I Will Apply in My Personal and Academic Life, the Impact, and the Effectiveness

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1. Organizing information

I noted from the chapter that “organized information is easier to find” especially if you are selective about the information, organize it in a specific way to make it easier to locate and to remember, and associate it with related information.

For example, in my personal life, this strategy would be useful for sorting and saving important emails whether at home or at work. There are times when my inbox is full of information - inspirational, motivational, tips, and up-coming events. At work, information on new banking policies and procedures or product launches are all usually filtered down via email. It is sometimes difficult to refer to the information quickly when you can’t remember when the email was sent or who sent it. Since reading this chapter, I have started to save specific email information as word documents grouped under different folders. This has proven to be effective for linking related topics in the respective folders which makes locating the information quicker.

In my academic life, I will first note the topic to be studied and pay greater attention to the learning objectives. This would then make it easier to skim through the chapter and specifically note the more important material and review that first as well as to research any related topics by using other resources. The chapter also noted the importance of paying attention to any information in bold type and any illustrations. This strategy would greatly increase my knowledge of the topic and improve note-taking. It would also assist in remembering the useful information. Therefore, this would be effective for review and preparation for exams as well as being in an overall position to utilize and apply the new information whenever possible.

2. The ‘Write it down’ strategy

The chapter noted that writing a note helps you to remember information. This strategy is not as easy as it sounds because human nature prefers to rely on memory rather than writing things down but it really helps in providing a visual image.

For example, in my personal life, both at home and at work, I always try to write a ‘things to do today’ list so I would not forget anything. Of course the hardest part is to remember to look at the list but the majority of the time, having written it down, I also have a visual. This is effective in ensuring that all tasks are completed and in a timely manner. It also serves as a reminder that there is an unfinished task.

In my academic life, I have noted that writing things down is useful. I review the chapter and make notes on any important and useful information, which could also serve as a quick reference or for revision. This is most effective when preparing for exams. Also, in writing it down, it is also easier to commit to memory.

3. Using flash cards

Flash cards are useful for summarizing points, for reviewing information, and preparing for exams, but most importantly they are small enough to be carried around.

For example, in my personal life, flash cards are useful for public speaking. I recently had to give a testimony at my church about a life-changing situation and flash cards came in handy. I was able to set out my speech in point form in the order of how I wanted it to flow. I am usually a bit nervous in front of a large audience but the flash cards were effective in allowing for a better, smoother flow of words and helped me to remember the points I wanted to make. This led to the audience having a greater understanding of the testimony and significantly impacted on many lives that night by encouraging people in their Christian walk.

In my academic life, flash cards would be useful for revision and assist with committing important information to memory. The cards are small enough to carry around and can be used anywhere at any time. This makes it easier to review formulas, definitions, or key information, and preparation for exams. The chapter recommended using the cards to create a ‘question and answer’ on the study material to also draw on the “thinking skills”, and to keep answering the questions until you are comfortable with the concepts. This would also be effective in testing your understanding of the information.

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