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Three Types of Awareness

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As long as people are different, inequality will always exist. It is not only found around the world, but also in our educational system. Inequality is defined as the quality of being unequal or uneven; it can be viewed as mistreating someone just because you don’t like them, or not giving someone the same amount of resources you provided to another person. Inequalities in education usually result in youths not contributing meaningfully to their society. The three main obstacles, which affect our education system, are racism, lack of commitment, and lack of resource.

One obstacle that affects our educational system is the lack of commitment on the part of teachers. Some teachers are only involved in the educational system for the salaries that they receive. Regardless of an effective method of teaching or not, teachers will receive the same salary. Kozol stated, “These are the schools I call “the treasured places”. They remind us always of the possible (p 299)” School should be a place where children can fulfill their dream career with the assistance of teachers. Yet, if the teacher is uncommitted, then the students will only be companied with boredom, which lead them to drop out because of the fact that they receive more information out on the streets. According to Manhattan institute, in 2001, the only state where Latinos have a high graduating rate is in Montana (82%). The highest graduation rate for African Americans is 71%, in West Virginia. According to “”, in 2009, the percentage of Black and Hispanics high school graduating rate in NYC is in the high 50s, while Asian/ Pacific Islander and Whites and in the high 80s. We have to realize that in order for us to change these percentages for African Americans and Latino youth, we need teachers who are committed to their occupation, and for example Kozol stated “Teachers and principals should not...

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