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Three Ways in Which Change Can Impacts Your Leadership at Work.

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Three ways in which change can impacts your leadership at work. I am the manager now but I had to start from the bottom at Robin’s Junk Emporium a small used merchandises shop that employs six person’s full time and one part time. I have learned over the years that changes can affect my leadership at work. According the Center Of Creative Leadership, (Pulley & Wakefield, 2013)” organization typically encounters all kinds of change that can affect your leadership skills”. Change is sometimes hard to implement at cultured environment that is not use to a lot of change in my experiences and leadership is required. Changes can occur to the environment in which an organization works this can influence the leadership at an organization. Robin’s Junk moved to bigger building six years ago this affected leadership as a whole for the organization. The owner also implemented a uniform policy and set brake time policy for all employees. Talk about a mad house! Now keep in mind that when changes take place like a move not just the large systems changes the smaller one do as well. Such as where things go and where departments are now at as well. So as for the move many different leadership skills where used to implement the changes that took place. An example is, when something would go wrong like a delay with moving truck. Leadership kept com and provided a positive message to the already frustrated and tried followers that the move is for the better of the organization as well as them. The Change is good movie clip shows simplify your message as a positive to promote change from a leadership position (Anderson & Feltenstein, n.d). Simplifying your message will get your point across clearly without having any misunderstanding. As for the uniforms, there was a bit of resistances with the followers however, by leadership wearing them as will the followers had become more...

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