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Chapter 2

A Software Architecture for Inventory
Management System
Taner Arsan, Emrah Baskan, Emrah Ar and Zeki Bozkus ß ß

Abstract Inventory Management is one of the basic problems in almost every company. Before computer age and integration, paper tables and paperwork solutions were being used as inventory management tools. These we very far from being a solution, took so much time, even needed employees just for this section of organization. There was no an efficient solution available in the many companies during these days. Every process was based on paperwork, human fault rate was high, the process and the tracing the inventory losses were not possible, and there was no efficient logging systems. After the computer age, every process is started to be integrated into electronic environment. And now we have qualified technology to implement new solutions to these problems. Software based systems bring the advantages of having the most efficient control with less effort and employees.
These developments provide new solutions for also inventory management systems in this context. In this paper, a new solution for Inventory Management System
(IMS) is designed and implemented. Most importantly, this system is designed for
Kadir Has University and used as Inventory Management System.

2.1 Introduction
Inventory Management is one of the basic problems for a company. It may cause a lot of paperwork, if there is no automated system available. Implementing such a system is possible but there are a lot of preliminary works such as determination of

T. Arsan (&) Á E. Baskan Á E. Ar Á Z. Bozkus ß ß
Department of Computer Engineering, Kadir Has University, Cibali,
Istanbul, 34230 Turkey e-mail:

K. Elleithy and T. Sobh (eds.), Innovations and Advances in Computer, Information,
Systems Sciences, and Engineering, Lecture Notes...

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