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Thtr 133

133 Production Response Paper Medea
I went to theatre to watch the play “Medea” on Feb. 20th. This show was very impressive for me. It talks about a tragedy which is relevant with Medea and her husband Jason. This play expressed how Medea avenges her husband's betrayal. Medea is a witch who has strong power and becomes angry easily. As my opinion, she loves her husband very much, but on the other hand, she can be very cruel because of her love. She used her power to enthrone Jason. What was beyond our expectation is Jason becomes sick of Medea’s cruelty, and meanwhile, he loves the other girl who is king's daughter, Glauce. Medea plans to start her revenge.
Two most memorable performances come from two actors who played Medea and Jason. Their performances are very believable. I can feel them from a lot of parts, such as their tones, expressions, body languages, and emotions. Personally speaking, Medea’s object is that she wants to revenge her cheating husband. Her obstacle is her enemies who are coming for her. Jason’s object is his desire. He wants to leave Medea, and also get a great chance for the throne. But the obstacle is Medea’s revenge, because Medea wants to murder him with poison. The specific action I saw in the play is their dispute. Medea becomes very angry when she saw Jason without any guilty. In the dispute, Medea slapped Jason heavily. In this part, I can feel her angry come to the climax.
In the theatre, I specially pay attention to the audience who around me. Because I was sitting on the back, it is easy to watch their reactions. I noticed an audience who is sitting next to me. He was very concentrated in the play all the time. When Medea decided to kill her two kids, I saw his face expressed a little bit uncomfortable emotion.
In my opinion, the conflict in this play is Medea herself. We want to sympathize her, because her husband betrayed her, but on the other hand she also wanted to kill her two lovely kids by herself. This part is so cruel for me. I do not agree with that actually. She did a lot of bad things in the play as a part of her revenge plans. She also wanted to murder Glauce using her toxic scarf. She is a bad woman and a evil in her plan. I think how to judge Medea depends on audiences. Every audience has a different opinion. This is the key how to solve the conflict. Audiences’ emotion start with sympathy, but end with sad.
In the end, I want to talk a little bit my personal feeling. Actually this is my first time to watch a Greek mythology in theatre. This is a very great experience to me. The sound equipments are perfect; actors are professional; costumes are exquisite beyond compare. I can't describe it actually - it was fantastic, a fantastic moment! My emotions can follow with the music, actor’s performance. I think this is a music drama with a perfect band.
I will recommend it to my friends strongly, and I enjoy the play and hope to see other plays next time!

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